Automated Environmental Stewardship: A Ribbon-Cutting Robot with Machine Vision for Sustainable Operation

Keywords: Robot, Color Detection , Tensorflow, Keras


This paper provides a novel way for automating ribbon-cutting rituals that use a specifically constructed robot with superior computer vision capabilities. The system achieves an outstanding 92% accuracy rate when assessing picture data by using a servo motor for ribbon identification, a motor driver for robot movement control, and nichrome wire for precision cutting. The robot's ability to recognize and interact with the ribbon is greatly improved when it uses a Keras and TensorFlow-based red ribbon identification model which obtained accuracy of about 93% on testing set before deployment in system. Implemented within a Raspberry Pi robot, the method exhibits amazing success in automating ceremonial activities, removing the need for human intervention. This multidisciplinary method assures the precision and speed of ribbon-cutting events, representing a significant step forward in the merging of tradition and technology via the seamless integration of robots and computer vision.


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